Think Accessibility When Planning Your Healing GardenWhen planning your healing garden, you’ll have lots on your mind, from the plants you’ll be choosing to the overall design of the area that will make up your garden. Access to the garden shouldn’t be difficult, even if all the people in your home are able-bodied and shouldn’t have a problem with accessing all the areas.

If you do have a family member or friend that might have a problem accessing some of the garden areas, it’s good to plan ahead so you won’t have to think about it anymore. Paved walkways, expanding areas so that a wheelchair can fit through easily rather than having to maneuver around obstacles can be both helpful and beautiful if done correctly.

Another way you can improve accessibility to your healing garden is to plan raised garden beds rather than ones that originate from ground level. You’ll find that it’s much easier to plant and tend to plants in raised bed areas rather than having to kneel and bend your back to work on the ground.

Raised beds can also help to keep pests and wildlife out of your garden area. There are many designs and materials you can used for your raised garden bed areas. They can be preformed or you can build them (or have them built) to fit your garden plan.

If you’ve made a garden area out of a large patch of land, it’s even more important that you pre-plan for stone paths or paved (gravel will do too) so that visitors won?t have to wander around in mud or perhaps tramp down important plants.

Adding easy accessibility to your garden areas doesn’t have to be sterile looking. You can plan so that it blends in with the beauty of the area by using the natural tones of wood and native stone work.

Container gardening is one of the easiest ways to be sure you have easy access to the plants in your healing garden. You can place the containers on platforms with wheels so you can move them without having to lift.

It’s important to have easy accessibility to the kitchen area of your home if you’ve created an outdoor garden that will also be used for dining. Be sure the inside of your home leading out to the back patio garden area is clear from obstacles that might trip you up while you?re carrying drinks or food.