Tap Into Your Spiritual Side by Using Gardening to Alleviate Stress

Your spiritual nature is as important as your physical and mental state in your overall well-being. Whether or not you belong to an organized religion or belief system, you can find spiritual satisfaction in gardening by relieving stress and allowing your mind to focus on something besides life’s many problems.

Digging in the soil has the same effect on your mind as athletic activity. It’s now viewed by medical science as a way to get mental and spiritual therapy for those who are depressed.

Verdant foliage, flowers, water, wildlife and smells all add to the harmonious nature of a garden and can have many healing effects when you’re exposed. Gardening has long been recommended to those recovering from surgery to gain optimism and hope to nurture your life and your spiritual side.

The miracle of growing living things provides us with a sense that life goes on no matter what else may be happening. We sometimes forget that in a world where we live by someone else’s schedules and wants and needs.

Think of all the benefits that gardening provides – nutrition, stress relief, exercise, relaxation, healing and healthy immune systems. All of these benefits can add to our spiritual well-being, help us be “in the moment,” and keep us healthy in every way.

Gardening also has a way to heal physically – and spiritually. There’s nothing more relaxing to the mind and spirit than spending time in the garden. Simply finding a spot for meditation or enjoying the sounds, smells and beauty of nature can lift your spirits to new heights.

A garden can serve the higher needs of human beings. By creating a space to relax that’s in harmony with nature, we can truly unwind from daily stresses and restore our spirit and mind to a happier state.

Creating beauty in your space helps you to reconnect with the natural rhythm of things. You slow down more and become involved in activities which will help us loosen the binds that come with daily worries.

It’s sometimes called a “Zen” state of mind when you realize activities which totally immerse you and make you forget about time and those future commitments that will stress you out.

Gardening also awakens all the senses, adding to your natural state of well-being and relaxation. It brings you into the present moment and helps you forget about worries and anything else keeping you from being happy and fulfilled.

It’s not all the act of gardening which gives you a boost to your spiritual side – it’s the space you create. If you want to create a space in your garden, porch or patio (or even window sill) that reflects spiritual growth, you can accomplish it easily.

Add water features to make you aware of the sounds of nature, a butterfly garden to help you enjoy wildlife in abundance – or a vegetable garden so you can reap the benefits of your efforts and enjoy a healthy diet besides.

You can effectively heal your body, spirit and mind by reconnecting with nature through a garden space of your own. Not only does gardening help you, personally – it also helps the planet on which you live.