Inspire Yourself and Others with a Healing Garden Landscape

A healing garden can inspire, not just with the healing plants it contains for medicinal and meditational purposes, but the landscaping of a healing garden can also inspire. Many elements can be used for inspiration, including water features, statues, trees, trellises, flowers, paths, ponds, chimes and sculptures.

Almost anything can be used to inspire, depending on the theme you want to project. Here are a few ideas that can be used in your healing garden landscape to create illusions that will inspire:


To create a romantic theme in your healing garden landscape, all you need to do is define what romance means to you. Take lessons from romantic gardens in England and Europe to create a landscape that’s perfect for a romantic walk. Roses and any other fragrant plants, statues, waterfalls and plenty of lush, green plants are all you need in the design.


A healing garden that inspires spirituality must also come from your heart and mind. What moves you to think spiritual thoughts and to feel calm? Elements that should be found in a spiritual haven are water features, wildlife, birds and scents that help clear the mind.


Like creating a spiritual landscape, you should incorporate water and refreshing scents in the meditation garden. Pools surrounded by wildlife especially lend themselves to meditative thoughts. Statues, ferns, sculptures and stone work, plus a comfortable area to rest and meditate are also necessary to the meditation landscape of the garden.


Planning and creating a garden landscape that takes into consideration the eco-system of the earth can be a rewarding experience. You’ll want to add features such as bird feeders and houses, water – perhaps with fish and plants that help keep water fresh and sparkling – waterfalls and fountains to keep the water moving and add plants that help the environment by attracting beneficial insects and other wildlife.

From the beginning of civilization, humans have endeavored to create areas that appeal to the senses. Hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities have found the importance of creating landscapes that appeal to the eye and that relax the body and mind.

No matter what your space or time you have for maintaining a garden, you can inspire yourself and others with the presence of an area that lends itself to meditative purposes. It will brighten your life and calm your soul.