Create Your Own Green Space to Help Yourself and the Environment

In Europe, green spaces are considered the “green lungs” of the cities and are planned to help the physical and mental health of residents by offering recreation such as cycling, meditating, walking and play time for children.

People visit them to de-stress from modern living and to enjoy a different view from concrete and glass. It also helps bring the country into the cities and place oxygenating plants and water features into areas that are starved for space.

You can create your own green space at your home. Even an apartment balcony or patio can be the green space that contains living plants and water features that are easy on the eye and hearing. If you have a large space, you might want to plan and create a more environmentally friendly larger space with a pond and one that attracts and feeds wildlife.

A green space can have any function that you want it to have. They can be noise buffers, recreational, a refuge or simply to relax and calm you. No matter what size your garden space, you can incorporate elements that make it your very own green space.

For example, if you only have a patio and a very narrow garden area, you can create a relaxing and low-maintenance area by dividing it into two spaces – one, a paved patio and the other a useful deck. Add various container plants (a flower box works well attached to a fence) and place a stone wall water fountain among the plants for an interesting mix.

If you have the space in your yard and want to go all out, you can design an area with a stone pathway leading from the house to a pond with fish and all sorts of plants that attract insects and wildlife. If the pond is small, you can incorporate a fountain or waterfall in the design. It’s a great way to have your meditation space and help “green” up our environment.

Entertain in an outdoor green space by expanding your garden design to include a small kitchen area, lots of herbs to cook with, a dining area and another area where you can relax with a good book or just to listen to sounds of water, birds and other wildlife.

A green space can be helpful to both your body and mind and can increase your awareness of all that surrounds you. Research green spaces before you begin to build one into your living space and see which most fits your lifestyle.