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Attracting Beneficial Wildlife to Your Healing Garden

A healing garden can be beneficial to the wildlife surrounding the environment if you know which plants to choose to attract them. Many people use sprays and harsh chemicals to rid their gardens of pests and as a result they kill off many that would be a boon to their gardens and help provide bountiful harvests.

One way that wildlife can benefit a healing garden are the sights and sounds they provide. Fish in a water feature of your garden can provide beauty (Koi are especially beautiful) and keep the water clean and the bad bacteria at bay. Continue reading

Essential Non-Plant Items for Your Healing GardenIt’s important that you not forget about the non-plant items for your healing garden that can transform it into a lovely place for relaxation and meditation. You’ll need equipment such as hardware (for fountains and other items) and furniture to make your outdoor space into a relaxation sanctuary.

To truly be classified as a healing garden, the design must implement items besides plants and herbs. For example, a water feature such as a waterfall, Koi pond or eco-friendly pond can produce soothing sounds and bring a different element into the picture.

Comfortable chairs and benches can also make a difference in making your healing garden an inviting place to visit and linger. Other items such as chimes and statues can all be added according to your taste and style.

Any sensory connection that promotes stress relief and relaxation can add to the beauty and tranquility of your healing garden. Here are some items that you’ll want to think about during the planning phase of your healing garden:

Water Features

You can go as simple or elaborate as you like with water features for your garden. If you have the space, you can incorporate a pond and fill it with fish such as Koi. You’ll need a good water pump and some other necessary equipment to keep the water as fresh and wildlife friendly as possible. Continue reading

Unusual Medicinal Herbs and Plants

There are some highly unusual and powerful herbs and plants that you may want to consider planting in your wellness garden. While these plants can be a potent force in healing, some can be extremely dangerous if not used properly, and some need to be mixed by an herbalist or someone who knows how to calculate doses.

There are anti-fungal, antiseptic, antibacterial, detoxification, fever reducing and many other reasons to plant certain herbs and plants in your wellness garden. Some of these plants aren’t suitable to raise in certain climatic areas on the globe, but if you really want them in your garden, you can grow them under special lights in your home. Continue reading